Research at Stanford University

Research at Stanford University

Currently, I am being co-advised by Dr. Bruce McCandliss, Dr. Jason Yeatman, and Dr. Jelena Obradović doing research related to brain development, learning, and stress.

Year 1 of the PhD program is heavily focused on courswork as we just adjusted to research on campus. More updates on tangible research projects to come!

Research at Columbia University

My Masters Thesis

For my graduate program at Columbia, my thesis is exploring learning and memory and the role financial stress affects cognition associated with learning and memory. You can access a copy of my thesis here.

While at Teachers College, I presented my thesis research at two conferences: the 2020 Academic Festival and at the 4th annual Institute for Psychological Sciences and Practice (IPSP).

Research at Brown University

My Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Working with Dr. Leslie Welch, we explored a rare phenomenon known as Aphantasia - the inabiltiy to conjure up images in the mind’s eye. We conducted a remote study where participants with and without aphantasia engaged in a mental rotation task.

The Neuroscience of Racism

Along with 7 other students at Brown, I co-created a research seminar at Brown under the mentorship of Dr. Monica Linden.

Additionally, for our final presentation, I organized a public presentation inviting the Brown community as well as the general public to attend a talk of our primary findings. A copy of our slides from that presentation can be found here. I also presented at Brown’s Theories in Action conference on a roundtable discussion entitled “Applying Scientific Research.”

Race and Gender in the Scientific Community

The first statistical project I engaged in was examining the antecedents that supported scientist from underrepresented backgrounds to acquire positions as academic faculty. I was able ot present my findings from this project at the Humans in STEM conference at Yale University in 2018.

And! Fun fact! I (unexpectedly!) ran into my BEST FRIEND from high school (she went to Amherst College for her undergrad) who was also invited to present at this conference.

Here is a picture of us embracing:


And here is a picture of Xuan talking about her awesome research!