My Teaching Experience

This page includes a detailed account of my prior teaching experience.

Stanford University

New Mexico Tech Upward Bound Math Science Program (Summer 2021)

More details to come soon!

Northeastern Summer Math And Science Honors (SMASH) Academy (Summer 2021)

More details to come soon!

Columbia University

FLi Sci Scholars Program

Through support of a New Normal Fellowship, every Sunday, I meet with 8 FLi Sci Scholars to review topics promoting academic and personal skillsets to promote more engagement and retention in the sciences. For more details, visit

Data, Activated!

During the summer of 2020, I was a Data, Activated! TA (DATA) where I directly mentored 8 students in the Opportunity Network Fellowship program.

Brown University

The Neuroscience of Racism

In the final semester of my undergraduate years, Monica Linden and I created a course at Brown to investigate the neural correlates of racial bias using literature from cognitive, affective, and developmpental neuroscience.

We taught a total of 7 students with all class years represented. Materials from the course will be posted shortly.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

I was an academic assistant for the following courses:

  • NEUR 2600: Advanced Systems Neuroscience II - this was a graduate-level statistics course for students at Brown’s Neuroscience PhD program. I supported David Sheinberg and Monica Linden (Spring 2018)
  • CLPS 0900: Quantitative Methods in Psychology - this was an introductory statistics course for undergraduates in the Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences (CLPS) department at Brown. I supported Kathryn Spoehr in a flipped classroom course.(Fall 2017)
  • CLPS 0400: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience - an introductory course for undergraduates at Brown where I supported Dima Amso. (Spring 2017)